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Emazing Lights Sound Activated Light Up Rave Shirt Medium

1041 reviews
  • Model: B00DIK7WP0-113_2
  • 347 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Emazing Lights

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Black cotton t-shirt with a sound activated illuminating panel
Adjustable volume sensor for the flashing speed
The lights flashes colors in time to music and sound
On/off battery switch
Easy battery removal for washing
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The E-Q is a shirt with a built in sound sensitive spectrum analyzer. As the music beats, the equalizer moves to the beat of the music! Each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar, just like the equalizer on your stereo at home! Its a must have accessory for all concerts, parties or even raves! It has a fully functional Electro Luminescence panel with a battery pack that snuggles discretely into a pocket inside the T-shirt. The end result is a tremendous sound sensitive music T-Shirt that commands attention!


1041 reviews
  • By Amazon Customer On 2017-10-23This shirt is fantastic. It's obvious that it's the product of some battle-tested engineering; the design is well thought out and was obviously designed with certain contingencies in mind.For example; it's impossible to maintain an even level of sound sensitivity from song to song; loud songs would keep the shirt "100%" lit all the time, while soft songs might not light it up at all. This shirt comes with a slider that lets you adjust how "sensitive" the LED in the center is to music.It is very attenuated to bass; for dance/rave type of shows, this results in a "heartbeat" effect.The shirt itself runs on 4 AAA batteries, easily obtainable from a convenience store if they suddenly run out. The power pack has a slightly bulky strip that runs up your shirt and attaches to the LEDs, but this strip is shielded by an inner sleeve of t-shirt fabric so that you don't chafe as you dance.It's rugged too; I've moshed and done some pretty involved thrashy dancing with this thing and haven't noticed a decrease in its responsiveness or brightness yet (5 outings so far).My only minor gripe is that the "clip" where this power back attaches to a belt or waistband is a little flimsy, and has detached on more than one occasion. It's safer to keep the power pack in your pocket anyways, where there's less likelihood of it flying off during a really great set.
  • By Mani Arabi On 2017-10-23Very happy! The inverter alone is worth half the price. 4.5 / 5 starsPROS:-Great light up sequence.-Audio inverter lights up shirt based on ambient sounds (aka to the music)-Adjustable audio inverter (I can make it pick up my voice so the shirt lights up when I speak or only to louder music being played)-Excellent budget design with simple to remove electronics for cleaning.NEUTRALS:-Classic black cotton tee. Generic but was a comfy fit and seems good overall.-The light up on the front is a single piece full panel (its an EL panel but as far as most users are concerned, its a big piece of plastic velcrod on the shirt). I list this as a neutral because although the design could be integrated into the shirt more, I would imagine that would increase the price of the shirt by 2x or more and increase the difficulty of removing the electronics for cleaning. Although some users may find this to be a negative, I feel this is a neutral point all things considered (especially the price).CONS:-Advertising does not show the full panel clearly (up front with lights on). See my picture.
  • By James C. On 2017-10-23Returned this because it was too uncomfortable to wear. The light piece is a big square of plastic that is attached to the front of the shirt with velcro. The edges of the square poke you and the battery pack takes 4 AAA batteries so it has some weight to it. The battery pack has a belt clip but the combination of the plastic light piece hanging off the front of the shirt, wires running underneath and a battery pack that you have to find a way to wear makes this shirt too cumbersome to wear. I like the colors of the light design and the components seemed to work well.
  • By Brian K. On 2017-10-23I bought this shirt for my brother, and another similar one for myself (different design and seller but virtually identical items, probably manufactured by the same company I would guess, so for the sake of laziness I am just going to use the same review, just imagine it is him typing and not me, our opinions on this matter are in agreement.) This shirt looks fantastic at night, I have worn it to a few concerts/festivals and got lots of compliments. The sensitivity wheel works great, you can adjust it's microphone level to the correct level no matter where you are (in relation to the speakers) so that the shirt responds perfectly to the music. During the daytime it does look a little shoddy due to the fact that the light up part in the middle is just Velcro'd on (it is about a 1/16" semi rigid plastic square), but I didn't buy this for wearing during the day, and at night you really can't see the outline of where the plastic meets the shirt. The shirt also feels to be of good quality material. I guess the manufacturer could have done something better to conceal the seam where the plastic meets the shirt...But given the price I am very satisfied.
  • By SIFMAN On 2017-10-23I have wore the Emazing Lights DJ LED T-shirt, several times, out at the bars and nightclubs.I receive compliments and props, every time, I wear the Emazing Lights DJ LED T-shirt out in public.You can adjust the level of light repetition sensitivity to sound, in the concealed controller, on the inside compartment of the T-shirt.You can also turn the controller off, to save on AA battery power.The adjustable controller uses four AA batteries.The lighted part of the T-shirt, can be taken off the velcro, on the front of the T-shirt.This is a FUN T-shirt.Enjoy wearing Emazing Lights DJ at concerts and nightclubs!I would RECOMMEND, the Emazing Lights DJ LED light-up, T-shirt!
  • By lisabu On 2017-10-23My almost 10-year old daughter is CRAZY about this shirt which she will wear for Halloween (she's being a DJ) and we adults also think it is really cool with the different items that light up if you clap on it or play music. Add in the girlie-cute Unicorn, and the whole thing is a big hit!
  • By AceCadet On 2017-10-23I have worn this to a couple of parties and on a nighttime bike ride. I have never worn it without at least a dozen people asking me about it. Looks great especially in the dark, and responds well to all kinds of music. My only complaint is that the lights ONLY respond to music. If you are somewhere with no music there's no "auto" mode that just cycles through the light show. You also need to manually adjust the sensitivity dial every once in a while to get the best results out of it but that's not too big a deal. For the price I don't think you can beat it.
  • By AK On 2017-10-23Be aware that the LED part is basically a thin plastic panel velcroed to the front of a T-shirt with a battery box that slips in a pocket at the hem.We bought this for my 9 year old son's Bday party at a neon Trampoline park and it pretty much blew the minds of the kids at the party. It is sound activated and has an on/off switch as well as a sensitivity dial. The LED image pulses/changes with the beat of the music which is pretty cool.I don't expect it will last forever, but it was an awesome party shirt.
  • By Rich Pt On 2017-10-23The seller, EmazingLights, delivered the product quickly, on time, and did a customer satisfaction several days after the sale. Good Service, Recommended.The Tee-Shirt : the Equalizer display panel is Velcro-ed to the chest area, with a slit in the shirt so that the connecting cable will run down to the 4x AAA sized battery pack (with a clip) into a pocket inside the shirt at the bottom left corner (when wearing the shirt).Set-up : The battery pack has an on-off switch on one side, a sensor volume dial on the opposite side, and a mic on the face of the battery pack.Effect : It’s a 3-step equalizer effect, and it works … sort of.Because the mic is on the battery pack, if it isn’t facing the music clearly straight on, it can’t beat to the rhythm accurately. Basically, you can’t wear a secondary clothing (like a jacket, another shirt, a cape, etc) over it as it will cover the mic. When you touch the battery pack, the mic will respond accordingly to the sensor level you set, so don’t be mislead.My opinion : as long as the mic isn’t covered, the effect did its job, and I got the reactions I wanted.If the mic was on the display panel, this review would have been much shorter, along the lines of ‘It just works’ and a 5-star, but instead this is a 3-4 star rating.Hope this was helpful to future buyers with their costume planning.
  • By Chris Joyce On 2017-10-23This is the most amazing magical shirt in the universe! Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn! We got this shirt specifically so my husband could run the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon at night last weekend. It does not disappoint! It worked great for the pre-concert with Snoop Dogg and then 13.1 sweaty miles so it should hold up to anyone dancing all night. It's a nice feature that the unicorn and battery pack can be removed for washing. The size was great and the T-shirt quality was great. You can kind of see it during the day, but the lights are fantastic at night. Overall this product was way better than we could have ever imagined.

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